ServCraft is a software tool for application in business and industries requiring service and repair management. It has been successfully applied where the core business is service and repair as well as businesses that need to manage internal repair to streamline their processes. ServCraft is web based application and is managed in the cloud.


ServicePro is a software platform to provide CRM solutions for any industry or business. It can either be used out of the box with standard functionality or it can be used as a foundation to facilitate and expedite custom requierements and workflows. It is web based and managed in the cloud.


As part of our services, clients regularly require us to understand and improve their processes and workflows. Where required, StringTheory will utilise one of our products or platforms to facilitate recommended improvements.


We understand that every business is unique. It is this uniqueness that often gives the business a strategic edge over their competitors. We provide software development services to meet these needs. Software developmnent can range from small to large projects. We can build on top of existing products & platforms to meet the customer's needs. We also build complete software solutions.